Ingrid Michaelson – You and I, Avett Brothers – Murdered in the City, Kat Dennings – Sing Out

Sometimes the simplest song can be great. I have three pick’s for you this week that demonstrate this (yes I said three – do your little happy dance now!). The first came to me from my daughter (Sami). It is a song by the artist Ingrid Michaelson who is a New York, indie folk musician. The song is simple, she is just playing a mandolin and vocals, and drums come in at the end. It is called “You and I”.

The second artist is the Avett Brothers. The band is made up of two brothers, Scott and Seth Avett from North Carolina. This song came to me from Ted and the lyrics I found to be quite unique. The song is recorded with just an acoustic guitar and a singer. This song is called “Murdered in the City”. Also check out “Live and Die” by the Avett Brothers.

Finally the last song is just is by Kat Dennings and is just an electric guitar and vocals. She was part of the cast for the movie “Charlie Bartlett” and sang a cover of Cat Stevens “Sing Out”…enjoy.

Listen to each song a few times and they will grow on you.

David Byrne & St. Vincent – Who

Some artists always take me back to a time and place. David Byrne is from the Talking Heads, and the Talking Heads always take me back to my university days at McMaster University. In my first year they released the album “Speaking in Tongues”, which had the hit song “Burning Down the House”. Once I remembered coming back from class and my roommate had my Boston Acoustic speakers pointed out the window bellowing out this song. Our room was on the fourth floor of our residence so I could hear it playing from hundreds of yards away…still puts a smile on my face.

Enough reminiscing, David Byrne recently paired up with St. Vincent (aka Annie Erin Clark) and produced a new album released September 7, titled “Love This Giant”. They got together by the urging of a concert promoter. The release off the album has the classic markings of a Talking Heads song and brought me back to university days. I hope this song of the week will take you back to a time and place…enjoy this week’s song “Who”.

I love the way he dances, check out his dancing in this earlier video of “Once in A Lifetime” (watch to the end). Remind me the next time I am dancing to show my impersonation.

In case you have not followed David Byrne after the Talking Heads disbanded, check out these songs he has created with Brian Eno.


My Big Nurse

Life is Long

Strange Overtones

Wanted for Life

One Fine Day

Bruce Springsteen – Rocky Ground

When I was in high school and university I was a big Bruce Springsteen fan (I even bought the dreaded Nebraska album).  “Born in the USA” was the big album at the time but my favourite album is still “Born to Run”. The nostalgia associated with Bruce must have worn off on me because since the end of University I have not listened or have been really interested in Bruce’s new material the way I used to be.  However he still writes some great songs and has attempted to change his sound over the years.  His last album “Wrecking Ball”  released in March of 2012 has a Gaelic influence in many of the recordings.  Two songs that have that Irish sound I like are “Death to My Hometown” and “American Land and are definitely a different sound for Bruce.  There is another gem on the same album that is classic Bruce Springsteen, it is called “Rocky Ground” and it is the song of the week.

Thanks to Ted for sending this song to me.

Jack Johnson – Plastic Jesus

Many of my friends ask me how I find the song of the week.  Some weeks it takes hours to find a song, sometimes friends send me a song and other weeks a song just falls into my lap.  I will explain how this week’s song fell into me lap.  There is a vacation company that regularly sends me an email about their upcoming adventure getaways (fantastic company check out and I was browsing the web site and clicked on a video created by a vacationer.  In the video I hear this Plastic Jesus song, and I then google it and sort through all the information to find the correct artist.

“Plastic Jesus” is an American folk song written by Ed Rush and George Cromarty in 1957. They recorded it as a humorous ad spoof in 1962 as The Goldcoast Singers.  You can hear the original song by clicking here but you need to fast forward through the song to 2:12 as there is a lot of chatter before they start singing.  Paul Newman later went on to sing it in the movie “Cool Hand Luke”.  Check it out here.

There have been numerous artists record different version of the song over the years adding their own new verses.  The version that is my favourite is by Jack Johnson release in 2001. Here is Jack Johnson’s version titled Plastic Jesus/Fall Line/Spring Wind and it is the song of the week.

Sorry for the late post.  I forgot all about it :)

Sean Rowe – Wrong Side of the Bed

Sean Rowe released an album last week (August 24 th) called “The Salesman and the Shark”.  The release off the is album is called “Downwind” and is a song worth downloading but as I was searching through earlier stuff from Sean Rowe I came across another song from the album “Majic”.  I was searching for something somewhat bluesy as this week two of my children head off to university (how did I get this old) and I thought a good blues song would fit the bill.  I am not sure how you would label Sean Rowe’s music, at times I hear the blues, folk, Van Morrison and even Leonard Cohen.  He has a fantastic voice which reminds me of Barry White, which works well in this week’s song of the week called “Wrong Side of the Bed”.

Parents and students – enjoy your last day off before school :)

“Live every day like it’s your last and one day you will be right”.

Confucius 525 BC

Lucy Spraggan – Last Night

I have never liked reality shows, I just don’t get why people watch them.  I figure that if someone has some talent and wants to pursue a dream they hunker down, practice, slog it out, learn their craft and then just maybe, they will make it.  What I am really after is the next great song, not the next person to cover a great song.  If you are going to sign up for a reality show do what this weeks artists (Lucy Spraggan) did.  She independently released an album in October 20, 2011 called “Top Room at The Zoo”, then signed up to be on X-Factor in the UK and sung the song “Last Night” off that album.  The show was aired August 25 and “Last Night” now sits at number two on the UK charts and it is also the song of the week.

Here is the audition video on X-Factor.

For some unknown reason I can relate to this song.

The Vaccines – No Hope

The Vaccines released a new EP on July 6, 12 called “No Hope”that contains some of the songs off their new album which is due out September 2, 12.  The Vaccines are an English indie rock band who formed in London in 2010. The band’s debut album, What Did You Expect from the Vaccines?, reached number 4 in the UK Album Chart.  The hit off the album was “If You Wanna” and kinda reminds me of the British new wave sound from the 80’s.  I look forward to checking out the new album, however in the meantime we have the new EP which has a song called “No Hope” and it is the song of the week.

White Zombie – More Human Than Human

I have never really paid any attention to White Zombie.  The band had two things going against them.  They were a noise rock band that later changed to a heavy metal band and they reached their peak in the 90’s when my children were young and I did not have time to follow new music as closely as I do now.  They weren’t even a one hit wonder but last week Rob Zombie released an album of remixes called Mondo Sex Head and I listened to More Human Than Human, which I liked and then went and listened to the original version.  Here is the original version of More Human Than Human and it is the song of the week.

Imagine Dragons – Radioactive

You may have missed this one released earlier this year from Imagine Dragons.  They are a band from Las Vegas and this past February released and EP called Continued Silence.  Billboard Magazine listed Imagine Dragons as one of “2012’s Brightest New Stars.  The hit off the album that many of you have heard is “It’s Time”.  On the same EP is another noteworthy song that is worth the download is “Radioactive” and it is the song of the week.


The Killers – Runaways

One of my favourite bands that has come onto the music scene since the turn of the century is “The Killers”. The group has released three studio albums, Hot Fuss, Sam’s Town and Day & Age and their latest album called Battle Born is scheduled to be released on September 18, 2012.  They have sold more than 17 million albums worldwide. They released this week’s song of the week called Runaways on July 17 and is the first cut off the upcoming album.  Another great song by the Killers.  Enjoy.

In case you have been living under a rock and have not ever listened to The Killers check out these songs as well.

Mr. Brightside

Somebody Told Me

When You Where Were Young


All These Things That I’ve Done

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