The content on Marksmusicpicks.com is created by Mark Sherry and only songs that I like make it on song of the week. I am not particularly looking for recently released material but I will not post old standards, such as Rolling Stones “Satisfaction” as song of the week.

I am looking for new or old stuff that I have not heard before or that has been redone. I welcome suggestions and feedback but in the end I chose whether I like the song enough to post it as song of the week. I do not get paid for promoting songs, I do it for fun and those who enjoy great music. I do not stick to any genre except to say I am not a lover of country music, with the exception of Johnny Cash.

Please give every song a good listen. Sometimes we change our opinions on music after we’ve heard the song a few times.

Special thanks to my nephew Josh for putting the site together. We are splitting the Google Ad revenue so click away.

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