Pete Townshend – Best Of

I am having a hard time finding a good enough song this week for the song of the week.  There are lot’s of new releases, just nothing that really caught my ear.  So it is time to break open the archives and bring you some old songs that you may have missed.  When I was growing up people used to say there are two types of people, either you were a Beatles fan or a Rolling Stones fan.  While I like both bands I always preferred The Who.  After the Who disbanded Pete wrote three albums all of which I do not think got the critical acclaim and sales that they should have received.  Below I have listed the three albums and the songs on each that are worth a listen or download.  Some of the songs required more than one listen and will grow on you.  On another note I have seen news stories lately that indicate that Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey will be joining forces to write a new “Who” album, apparently Townshend has written hundreds of songs…I am sure there will be a few gems in that pile of songs.

Empty Glass

All the Best Cowboys Have Chinese Eyes

White City: A Novel

I read the biography of Pete Townshend “Who I Am” this summer and it was an enjoyable read…it is amazing that he is still alive!

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