Shakey Graves – Roll the Bones

I was struggling this weekend trying to find a song of the week as we are in the post holiday drought.  I gave up and was going to post something from the archives when I received this gem from Trisha.  Alejandro Rose-Garcia got the nickname Shakey Graves around a campfire one night when he and his friends starting giving each other cool campfire names.  Not only is the song a good song but watch the video as he is playing the tambourine with the heal of one foot and a base drum with the other, all while playing the guitar and signing…now that is co-ordination.  The song is called Roll the Bones.  You will want to watch it a few times as it boggles the mind.

Love to see this guy live.  He is currently living in Austin Texas, which has a great music scene that I must get to one of these days.

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