Ásgeir – Torrent

Recently we purchased and electronic piano for my daughter for her birthday to play while she is away at university.  When I heard the introduction to this song I thought of her trying to learn it.  In 2012, I  posted my first ever artist/group from Iceland called “Of Monsters and Men” and I remember thinking that I had never heard of any artist(s) from Iceland before them.  Well something is happening in Iceland as this is the second artist to make the list in the country of only 320,000 people.

Ásgeir Trausti Einarsson (Ásgeir) is this week’s artist of the week with the song of the week called Torrent.   If you wish to see Asgeir singing in his native tongue (Icelandic) check out Sumargestur.

Merry Christmas !

The pronunciation of Ásgeir using the Roman Alphabet is Osgears.


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