Reuben and the Dark – Rolling Stone

This week’s band is from Calgary called Reuben and the Dark and consists of four multi-instrumentalists with Reuben Bullock on lead vocals.  Reuben’s brother, Distance Bullock is the percussionist in the band.  I am surprised they did not called the band Bullock’s and the Dark…maybe it is because of the British slang meaning of the term Bullocks.  It seems that this group has only published a couple of songs but are working on an album to be released in 2014.  I hope the rest of the album is as good as the first release, which is the song of the week called Rolling Stone.

This song was brought to my attention a couple of weeks back by my good friend Mike.  I know it is terrible that I still do not find time to post even when the song is handed to me.  I know I have been tardy lately so I will try to catch up over the holidays giving you more than one pick each week.


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