Strumbellas – In This Life

If I asked you to guess which part of Canada the Strumbellas are from you would probably guess the east coast as their music has that vibe.  This six piece band is actually from Toronto and their last album (which is also their first album) “My Father and the Hunter” was nominated for a Juno Award.  Their latest album is called “We Still Move on Dance Floors” was just released on October 22.  The single that was released on this new album is called “In This Life” and it is the song of the week.

Another good song by the Strumbellas is “Sherriff“, check out the creepy alien/devil character in the video…I thought this one was great for Halloween.  I have no idea what the video is about but that character is weird and I love the faces on the elders watching them play…tough crowd.

On a sad note Lou Reed recently passed away.  Next time you have a few spare minutes download the song “Perfect Day” with all the guest artists singing it, grab a glass of your favourite tonic, turn up the volume, listen to the song, and raise a toast to Lou Reed.  It is hard to listen to this song and not feel better afterward…we have all had these perfect days.  This song is still one of my all time favourites.

Happy Halloween

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