Flash & the Pan – Welcome to the Universe

I have been looking for another song this week and I have not found anything that I really like so it is a Flashback Friday.  Flash & the Pan are an Australian band that have made six albums starting in the late seventies through to early nineties.  The band consisted of Harry Vanda and George Young, both former members of The Easybeats.  If you recognize the name Young, George is Malcolm and Angus Young’s  (AC/DC) older brother.  George also co-produced many of the early AC/DC albums.  His voice is unique, it sounds like it is put through a voice synthesizer.  In the videos he is the one with the darker hard.  Flash & the Pan was a band in the new wave genre and never really had a great deal of success in North America.  Somehow as a teenager I latched onto them and loved their sound.  If you have ever heard a Flash & the Pan song it was probably Hey, St. Peter, which is also a great song.  But my favourite song was Welcome to the Universe , it is off the “Lights in the Night” album and is the song of the week.  The only issue I have with this song is that during the first two minutes of the song they have this slow synthesizer intro, which after you have heard it once you will want to skip.  Fortunately in the YouTube video they cut that part out.  You gotta love these videos straight out of the 70’s early 80’s – don’t judge their musical talent by how terrible these videos are.

If you want to hear other good Flash & the Pan songs here are a few of my favourites.

Captain Beware

Early Morning Wake Up Call

Don’t Vote

Where Were You

Jetsetter’s Ball

 Atlantis Calling 

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