The Hunts – Make This Leap

This week’s pick is one of those songs that needs a few listens before it starts to grow on you.  This is a new indie band composed of 7 siblings and I assume “Hunts” is their last name.  When my children were young they all took music lessons, Max learned the piano, Sami the drums, and Steven the guitar and piano.  The plan was that once they became accomplished I would become the lead singer and we would go on tour…I have always wanted to jump off stage into the mosh pit, and who does not want to be a rock star?  Well those dreams are fading now…all that is left for me is karaoke.

When I look at the composition of a band of seven siblings I cannot help but to think this is going to end in one of two ways, they all get along or they don’t…I am betting on the later.  But in the mean time let’s enjoy what they have created with this weeks song of the week called “Make This Leap“.

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