Youngblood Hawke – We Come Running

When videos first came on the scene back in the 80’s they were all the rage.  City TV used to play videos late at night and as students we were always up late at night so we watched.  I never watch music videos on TV any more and neither do my kids.  I only really watch videos online when I am looking for a link for this blog.  I wonder how MTV and MuchMusic survive.  This week’s song of the week is called “We Come Running” by the group Youngblood Hawke.  After I finished watching the video for this song I thought maybe the song should be called “We Come Swimming” as the video has nothing to do with the song.  I think the idea for the video was “hey let’s go on a vacation and make the video for our song” or maybe they were shooting a commercial for Shark Week.

The good news about videos is you do not need to watch them to enjoy the song, nor should artists be judged by the quality of their video…just give me the music.

Youngblood Hawke is a LA based band and the song “We Come Running” is off their debut album called Wake Up.

Now back to the dock for rest and relaxation.

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