Daft Punk – Get Lucky, Pet Shop Boys – Vocal

When I was young I strongly disliked disco but as I get older I find myself mellowing.  Yes you might even catch me on the dance floor boogying to Disco Inferno these days.  I think Disco or a variation of it is on its way back. Listen to the new Daft Punk‘s song Get Lucky, those guitars are dead ringers for the disco age, and they even threw in the robotic voice as a disco throw back bonus.  The Pet Shop Boys have a new song as well called Vocal and it too has the overtones of Disco.  Given the overwhelming amount of evidence that Disco is coming back, I think the time has come for us to reach into our storage closet and bring out those polyester suits and put them on and go dancing.  This time around I will not have to maintain my macho image and hate disco, I can just put on my boogie woogie shoes and get down.

Oh and by the way both songs are the song of the week….feel free to dance.

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