Clash – Police on My Back

Last week was a slow music week so we will be going back in time to pick a song of the week.  Last year when I went to Italy I racked up five tickets (speeding and other infractions).  All the tickets were captured by cameras so I had no idea I had any until I got home and they started rolling in.  Yesterday we received our first invoice for our first payment (probably close to $200 for ticket number one…ouch) and we are debating whether we should pay them or not.  The big question is, will I ever go back to Italy and if I do will I be driving?  So while thinking about this issue I picked this week’s song as it fits in well with my propensity to speed.  The song is the Clash‘s “Police on My Back“.

I though I would add a few more of my favourites from the Clash that you may have not heard before:

London Calling (entire album – if you do not have it in your collection go buy it now)

White Riot

We are the Clash

Safe European Home

I’m So Bored With the USA


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