Mavericks – Come Unto Me

If you are are fan of the spaghetti western genre, then you will like this next song.  The song sounds like it was written for a modern day western directed by Quentin Tarantino.  The Mavericks are labelled as a country band but this song does not sound country, it has a strong Latin influence.  Any song that has an accordion solo has got to be good.  The Mavericks were formed in 1989 broke up in 2003, in October 2011 they reunited for a reunion tour, 2012 signed a new record deal and released  the album “In Time” last month.  Come Unto Me is a cut off the new album and it is the song of the week.

BTW – Bastille has released another song called called Pompeii and it is quite good as well.

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