Dropkick Murphys – Rose Tattoo

I think maybe it is because I have some Irish in me that I have a fondness of Celtic music.  Next year 2014 I will be celebrating my 50th birthday in Ireland in a pub…you are all welcome to come.  If you like Celtic music and punk music then you will like the Dropkick Murphys.  Dropkick Murphys released their eight album “Signed and Sealed in Blood” last week.  Like some artists you can get tired of listening to the Dropkick Murphys as many songs have a similar sound.  The song of the week (Rose Tattoo)  is toned down from their usual material and I quite liked it.  Have a listen.

For a more traditional song from Dropkick Murphys have a listen to “Going Out in Style” which is a great song to sing along to or dance to after a fews pints in an Irish pub!


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    • max
    • January 22nd, 2013 4:56pm

    I like this one! You’re also a day late on this pick.

    • max
    • January 22nd, 2013 4:57pm

    The itunes free song of the week is good if you need a song

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