Kodaline – All I Want

The video for this song of the week is a somewhat corny but for some reason it reminded me of my youth.  I have psoriasis and when I was a kid I wore track pants and long shirts (even in the summer) to hide the red spots caused by my genetic disorder.  I was lucky as it just popped up in a few patches over my body and was controlled by the topical cremes I used. In the summer the sun helped remove all traces except the most stubborn patches. However other psoriasis sufferers have it from head to tail and are at times treated like the character in this video. The song of the week is by a Dublin band called Kodaline and this is off their first four song EP released in the UK.  It has not been released on iTunes in North America yet.  Enjoy Kodaline’s song All I Want as the song of the week.

I found this while creeping my son Max’s Facebook page…thanks Kate.

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