Jake Bugg – Lightning Bolt, Two Fingers, Simple As This

I am always leery of new young male performers, I always think great, just what the world of music needs is another Justin Beiber.  I had to laugh as I did not know how to spell Beiber before this post.  So when I started hearing good things about this week’s artist born in 1994 I started wondering if this was the British answer to Beiber.  Well I checked it out and Jack Bugg is the real deal.  His debut album was released on October 15, and on 21 October the song “Two Fingers” charted at 33 in the UK and his album called Crackin reached number 1.

There are three songs off this album that are influenced by his love of Oasis, Bob Dylan and The Beatles.  I will call all three songs, song of the week and beside each song I will put the artist that I think he was influenced by.  This kid has a lot of talent and the album is great…watch this career take off.

Two Fingers – Oasis

Lightning Bolt – Early Beatles but I hear Elvis as well with a country twinge.

Simple As This – Bob Dylan

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