Churchill – Change

On Saturday evening we had our Halloween party and I dressed up as Elvis and my wife was dressed up as my guitar.  The party ended up at the Raven and Republic and as usual Elvis took to the dance floor and as usual provided some entertainment for the crowd.  As I was leaving the Raven and Republic I think I heard someone say “Elvis has left the building”.  It is nice to know in this crazy world some things never change.  My excursion this past weekend is a great introduction to the song of the week as it too has an old guy dancing (on his roller skates) to a song called “Change” by the band “Churchill” from Denver.  After watching this video I started to wonder if I could dance on roller skates, and then started wondering how much damage I would have done if I had his skates on Saturday night…hmmm I just got an idea for my costume for next year.

Happy Halloween!

Thanks to Ted for sending me this song.

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