The Neighbourhood – Female Robbery and Sweater Weather

Over the past month there have been a plethora of new releases by artists that you may have thought were retired. Here are some of the artists I am speaking about:

• ZZ Top – La Futura – September
• Neil Young – Walk Like a Giant – September
• Van Morrison – No Plan B – September
• Kiss – Monster – October
• Rick Springfield – Songs for the End of the World – October

Now I listened to all the artists above trying to find something for song of the week and what I found was more of the same sound (although the song by Neil Young – Walk Like a Giant is good and how can you not like Neil). I think why artists have a hard time with longevity is that their sound gets old. So I searched high and low this week for a new artist and a new sound and this new artist stuck out.

The Neighbourhood is a three member band from California and released and EP in August with five songs. Two songs that stand out are Female Robbery (skip the talking intro in the video) and Sweater Weather and they are the songs of the week. It is funny that an American band spells neighbourhood the British or Canadian way.

Make my job easier, if you have any good songs please send them to me.

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