Jimmy Preston – Rock the Joint, Big Mama Thornton – Hound Dog, Muddy Waters – You Need Love.

Not a lot of interesting releases the past week so I thought I would take you way back to the beginning of “Rock n Roll”.  They say that “Rock n Roll” was stolen from the blues so this week I thought I would give you three great blues songs that were covered by rock artists, who then became synonymous with the song.

Back in the late forties and early fifties there was an offshoot of blues called Jump Blues, which essentially put the jump into blues.  Jump Blues was the precursor or foundation upon which “Rock n Roll” was born.  Jimmy Preston’s incredibly intense 1949 R&B hit Rock The Joint was covered by Bill Haley and His Comets and later reworked into what we know as Rock Around The Clock.  This was a big hit and the birth of “Rock n Roll”.

Another great blues song was first recorded by a great blues lady called Big Mama Thorton  The song is called Hound Dog and it was later made famous by Elvis (click on the names to hear each version).

Finally, Led Zeppelin covered Muddy Waters You Need Love in the song Whole Lotta Love.  However they only gave credit and paid rights to Muddy Waters after he sued them for copyright infringement and they settled.

Next time you hear a good rock n roll song Google it to see if it is a cover/remake of an original blues song.

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