David Byrne & St. Vincent – Who

Some artists always take me back to a time and place. David Byrne is from the Talking Heads, and the Talking Heads always take me back to my university days at McMaster University. In my first year they released the album “Speaking in Tongues”, which had the hit song “Burning Down the House”. Once I remembered coming back from class and my roommate had my Boston Acoustic speakers pointed out the window bellowing out this song. Our room was on the fourth floor of our residence so I could hear it playing from hundreds of yards away…still puts a smile on my face.

Enough reminiscing, David Byrne recently paired up with St. Vincent (aka Annie Erin Clark) and produced a new album released September 7, titled “Love This Giant”. They got together by the urging of a concert promoter. The release off the album has the classic markings of a Talking Heads song and brought me back to university days. I hope this song of the week will take you back to a time and place…enjoy this week’s song “Who”.

I love the way he dances, check out his dancing in this earlier video of “Once in A Lifetime” (watch to the end). Remind me the next time I am dancing to show my impersonation.

In case you have not followed David Byrne after the Talking Heads disbanded, check out these songs he has created with Brian Eno.


My Big Nurse

Life is Long

Strange Overtones

Wanted for Life

One Fine Day

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