Bruce Springsteen – Rocky Ground

When I was in high school and university I was a big Bruce Springsteen fan (I even bought the dreaded Nebraska album).  “Born in the USA” was the big album at the time but my favourite album is still “Born to Run”. The nostalgia associated with Bruce must have worn off on me because since the end of University I have not listened or have been really interested in Bruce’s new material the way I used to be.  However he still writes some great songs and has attempted to change his sound over the years.  His last album “Wrecking Ball”  released in March of 2012 has a Gaelic influence in many of the recordings.  Two songs that have that Irish sound I like are “Death to My Hometown” and “American Land and are definitely a different sound for Bruce.  There is another gem on the same album that is classic Bruce Springsteen, it is called “Rocky Ground” and it is the song of the week.

Thanks to Ted for sending this song to me.

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