Sean Rowe – Wrong Side of the Bed

Sean Rowe released an album last week (August 24 th) called “The Salesman and the Shark”.  The release off the is album is called “Downwind” and is a song worth downloading but as I was searching through earlier stuff from Sean Rowe I came across another song from the album “Majic”.  I was searching for something somewhat bluesy as this week two of my children head off to university (how did I get this old) and I thought a good blues song would fit the bill.  I am not sure how you would label Sean Rowe’s music, at times I hear the blues, folk, Van Morrison and even Leonard Cohen.  He has a fantastic voice which reminds me of Barry White, which works well in this week’s song of the week called “Wrong Side of the Bed”.

Parents and students – enjoy your last day off before school :)

“Live every day like it’s your last and one day you will be right”.

Confucius 525 BC

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