Lucy Spraggan – Last Night

I have never liked reality shows, I just don’t get why people watch them.  I figure that if someone has some talent and wants to pursue a dream they hunker down, practice, slog it out, learn their craft and then just maybe, they will make it.  What I am really after is the next great song, not the next person to cover a great song.  If you are going to sign up for a reality show do what this weeks artists (Lucy Spraggan) did.  She independently released an album in October 20, 2011 called “Top Room at The Zoo”, then signed up to be on X-Factor in the UK and sung the song “Last Night” off that album.  The show was aired August 25 and “Last Night” now sits at number two on the UK charts and it is also the song of the week.

Here is the audition video on X-Factor.

For some unknown reason I can relate to this song.

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