Sarah McLachlan – Possession (Piano Version)

Last Friday I went to see Sarah McLachlan with my wife and friends.  We were in the center eleven rows from the front.  Sarah was playing the crowd favourites backed up by the Toronto Symphony.  It was amazing, probably the best concert I have ever seen.  I have always been impressed with her song writing and her incredible voice.  Usually in a live concert you hear the weaknesses in the performers when you take the studio out of the equation.  Sarah is just as good (if not better) live as on her albums.

So I thought this week I would mention one of my favourite songs of Sarah’s from the album “Fumbling Towards Ecstasy”.  The song is Possession but it is the unplugged version (just piano and voice) that is at the end of the album hidden after the last song.  In fact nowhere on the album does it indicate that this song is there.  You have to let the last song continue and then this gem comes up announced.  Here is the song (Possession) and if you wish to purchase it go to iTunes and type in Sarah McLachlan Possession and look for the one that says “hidden track”.

Here is the plugged-in version – Possession.

PS – You need to crank this one to really enjoy it…tell the kids to plug their ears.

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