Alan Doyle – Mutiny on the Dawn

Alan Doyle is the lead singer of the Great Big Sea and he has recorded his first solo album that will be released tomorrow.  Great Big Sea is not breaking up this is just something Alan has done on the side.  Many different artists helped him on this album and also the vacationers on a cruise liner.  One of the most interesting concepts is the song Mutiny on the Dawn, he thought it would be cool to write and record a song while on a cruise using the vacationers on the boat to help sing the chorus – check out the video.  You can download the song of the week for free by clicking on this link (Mutiny on the Bounty).  Sorry I do not have a link to the song as it has not been released yet so you will need to download it.  I would love to see these guys in a small bar.

The first release off the album is I’ve Seen a Little.


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