The Rural Alberta Advantage – Frank, AB

This band oddly enough is from Toronto.  I am not sure how they picked this name.  The song of the week is based on a real event in Canadian history.  There was a landslide in the Rocky Mountains near a town called Frank in 1903 that killed 100 of the 600 residents.  The Rural Alberta Advantage has produced two albums and the song of the week is off their first album called Hometowns.  The song of the week is called Frank AB.

The Rural Alberta Advantage released another album in February last year called Departing and the again the song that is getting the most attention is Tornado ’87 about a Tornado that went through Edmonton…hmm I wonder what disaster they will write about next.

Thanks to Mitch for sending me this one.  Mitch also sent a cool video that the song of the week was used in…check it out.

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