Dexy’s Midnight Runners – This is What She’s Like

I am sure that everyone has heard of Dexy’s Midnight Runners and their most famous song “Come on Eileen”.  Dexy’s produced three albums.  The first was called “Searching for the Young Soul Rebels” and included the hit Geno, followed by their most popular album called “Too-Rye-Ay”, which included the hits “Come on Eileen” and “Jackie Wilson Said”.  Their final album released was called “Don’t Stand Me Down” and was a commercial failure.  I own all three albums and my favourite one is “Don’t Stand Me Down”.  There is a song on the album that is 12 minutes and 24 seconds long called “This is What She’s Like” and it is the song of the week.  It is a great song once you get past the idle chatter at the beginning of it.  Give it a listen from start to finish a few times and I am sure you will agree with me.

Other good songs off the album include:

The Occasional Flicker

One of Those Things

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