Motel Raphael – Ghosts

I have a real interesting song and story for this week’s pick.  My friend Ted (who gave us last week’s song) sent me an email last week introducing me to Motel Raphael from Montreal.  What makes this interesting is that Motel Raphael is a trio of females with one being Ted’s niece Maya Malkin and the daughter of Ted’s brother Tom.  She is the one on the right in the picture on their web site.  Ted and Tom are co-creators and partners with me in the “Game of Things”.  I was curious and leery at first when I saw the email as I only post songs that I like to  After my first listen I thought WOW!  I was so excited about it that I bumped my previous pick. Motel Raphael’s sound is unique with solid songwriting and fantastic harmonies, I couldn’t help but to think that these young ladies will go far.  The trio just started writing songs together this fall and this is their first release.  The only thing I wish is that you could download it or buy it somewhere but I did not see this option.  I am sure they will figure this out and I will update you on a further post with this information.

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    • Terri
    • January 2nd, 2012 12:19pm

    Hey Mark
    Pretty sure you can download Ghosts from Sound Cloud
    Here’s the link:

    Such a cool song. This is a cool blog too. Will be checking in all the time now.

      • Mark Sherry
      • January 3rd, 2012 11:34am

      Thanks Terri, if you subscribe you get an email every Monday.

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