Edwyn Collins – A Girl Like You

Last week I was in the England and Scotland.  I had one spare day and night during the trip and I spent it in Edinburgh.  This week’s post is from a Edinburgh, Scotland artist named Edwyn Collins.  When you hear the song of the week you will think it is David Bowie.  He originally was the singer with the band Orange Juice whose first and only hit was ‘Rip It Up’ in 1982 (not a great song but check it out – the video and song are so 80’s).

After the band split he seemed destined to relative obscurity as an underground act with cult status. However in 1994 he released the critically acclaimed album ‘Gorgeous George’ and the best-selling single ‘A Girl Like You’ reached No.4 in the UK and it is the song of the week.

For those of you that were hoping the song of the week featured BAGPIPES then check out the Red Hot Chilli Pipers playing Smoke on the Water and Thunderstruck as your song of the week!!!

Enjoy and don’t forget to sign up your friends as there is a “Game of Things” on the line.

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