Miles Kane – Come Closer

Compared to the days of albums and tapes I love iTunes and iPods, but there is one thing that befuddles me.   Sometimes I go to the UK or other iTunes sites to see what is new and at times I find a new artist.  This is the case for this week’s artist Miles Kane.  The problem is I cannot download a song from the UK site unless I have a UK address and when I come back to the Canadian site I cannot find the song I am looking for.  I purchase all the songs that I download from iTunes because I like to support the artists but it bemuses me that when a song is released on iTunes in any country I cannot purchase it.  Don’t the recording artists what to sell more albums, don’t the record companies and Apple what to make more money, and don’t they want to stop illegal downloading.  If this is the case then ALLOW ME TO DOWNLOAD THE SONG AND PAY FOR IT!!!

There is actually a live version of the song of the week on iTunes but I prefer the recording studio version of Come Closer, which I cannot find on iTunes Canada.  Imagine that YouTube has the version and a video… enjoy.

Sorry for the rant but I had to get that off my chest…so much for the global village.

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