54-40 – Lost in the City

If you are a Canadian and were watching the Stanley Cup finals between Vancouver Canucks and the Boston Bruins you are probably ashamed of how the Vancouver fans acted as a result of the loss.  Yes Vancouver’s image was tarnished but hopefully this week’s band will help restore Vancouver’s reputation.  54-40 is a Vancouver based band that has released 17 albums over a period of 25 years.  They are one of the most successful yet least recognized Canadian bands.  If you were to play just their hit songs you could easily fill an entire concert.

Sometimes timing is everything.  54-40 released their new album “Lost in the City” on June 14, the day before the Canucks lost in the city.  Their first release off the album is also called “Lost in the City”.  Although the song has nothing to do with Vancouver’s lost I thought it was a funny coincidence and that is why “Lost in the City” is song of the week.

You can have a listen to the whole album by going to their web site, click here.

On another note Clarence Clemons  (sax player in Bruce Springsteen E Street Band) passed away on the weekend.  Watch him signing his hit song with Jackson Browne – You’re a Friend of Mine.

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