Craig Cardiff – When People Go

My daughter Sami, came home from high school the other day and said Craig Cardiff was at her school giving a workshop on songwriting to the members of the band.  Her school has a young and enthusiastic music teacher that goes above the call of duty and arranges events like this workshop. When Sami came home she goggled Craig Cardiff to learn more about him and found this song.  She played it numerous times that day, like we all do when we hear a new song we like.  After a number of repeats I asked who is the artist. She told me it was Craig Cardiff and the song is When People Go.  I had never heard of Craig Cardiff before that day but he has released 14 albums, he is a folk story teller and is part of the indie scene and has gained notoriety using alternative venues for his live shows, including camps, prisons, kitchen, etc.

Enjoy –

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