R.E.M. – It Happened Today

I am a big fan of R.E.M. and have purchased every song they have ever written.  Their pasts few albums have been moderately successful but this is their best album since Automatic for the People.  R.E.M. has this ability to make songs that take you to what I call the edge of frenzy.  The song on their latest album “Collapse Into Now” that takes you to the edge of frenzy is “It Happened Today” and that is why it is song of the day. 

Edge of Frenzy Definition – A song that you feel is going to burst into a frenzy but does not – it holds you there on the edge.

In case you are not an avid fan and have not been following R.E.M. in the past few years below is a list of their last four albums and the songs I really like on them.

Collapse Into Now – 2011

Accelerate – 2008

Around the Sun – 2004

Reveal -2001

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