Imaginary Cities – Say You

This new duo is from Winnipeg and this is their first album.  It really is impressive how much musical talent we have developing in Canada.  In celebration of the 40th Annual Juno Awards last night I thought it appropriate for the song of the week to come from an up and coming Canadian group and that is why Imaginary Cities, Say You is he song of the week.  The song and album is a little bluesy and the singers voice and style reminds me of Amy Winehouse (Rehab).  Imaginary Cities’ web site needs some work but if you are interested in reading more, check out the Globe and Mail article about them – hey where did he get the disc of the week idea from? 

Other songs that I like off the album include:


Ride This Out (scroll down the list to find it – you can also listen to all the songs on the album here)

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