Weakerthans – One Great City

I am not sure when or where I heard this song for the first time but it struck a chord with me.  Music always takes me back to places or reminds me of past events.  This song puts a smile on my face as it brings back memories of two trips I have taken to Winnipeg and both were in the dead of winter.  I am not sure I have ever been that cold – and I am a Northerner.  This is a great song of the week given the cold weather we have been experiencing lately.  Although the song picks on Winnipeg it is really about the any city that grinds on you from time to time.  I love the lyrics in this song and that is why the WeakerthansOne Great City is the song of the week.

The best YouTube video I could find of this song was someone who created a slide show of Toronto.  Check out a live version I found recorded in Seattle, it is funny to listen to the Americans sing I hate Winnipeg.

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 A few other songs that I like by the Weakerthans are:

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