Florence & The Machine – Dogs Days Are Over

I found out about Florence & the Machine while searching the UK iTunes site early last year.  It is a real drag that you cannot download from the UK iTunes site if you do not have an address in the UK.  I downloaded a few of the songs from the Canadian iTunes site and then my son purchased the CD.  If you do not own this album stop what you are doing and go and get it.  Lungs is a great album and probably my favourite album that I stumbled onto in the past year.  Florence was just nominated for the Grammy – Best New Artist.  On her web site it states “Florence writes her best songs when she’s drunk or has a hangover”…if that is the case then keep drinking.

There are so many good cuts of this album and the song of the week many of you should have already heard.  However just in case you haven’t heard it the song of the week is “Dog Days Are Over”.  Turn this one up and slam dance through the fast parts just like you did in university.

Other notables on the album include:

Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)

I’m Not Calling You a Liar

Kiss With A Fist

Girl With One Eye

Drumming Song

You’ve Got The Love

 Check out Swimming as well as it is another favourite and was not on Lungs.

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