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Twin Forks – Back to You


Twin Forks hail from Boca Raton, Florida.  There are four members to this group and last year released an EP called Twin Forks which had five songs and one called Back to You, which is the song of the week.  The tentative release date for the full album is February 25, 2014 and hopefully there will be a few more songs as good as this one on the album.


Shakey Graves – Roll the Bones

I was struggling this weekend trying to find a song of the week as we are in the post holiday drought.  I gave up and was going to post something from the archives when I received this gem from Trisha.  Alejandro Rose-Garcia got the nickname Shakey Graves around a campfire one night when he and his friends starting giving each other cool campfire names.  Not only is the song a good song but watch the video as he is playing the tambourine with the heal of one foot and a base drum with the other, all while playing the guitar and signing…now that is co-ordination.  The song is called Roll the Bones.  You will want to watch it a few times as it boggles the mind.

Love to see this guy live.  He is currently living in Austin Texas, which has a great music scene that I must get to one of these days.

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