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Maya Malkin – The Grand Escape

A while back I introduced you to a band called Motel Raphael and the song Ghosts.  If you remember the post, one of the members of the trio was the daughter (Maya Malkin) of my one of my partners in “The Game of Things”, who is also my good friend Tom.  Maya has recently wrote another incredible new song called “The Grand Escape “and it will be part of a 4 song EP soon to be released.

I know we will be hearing more great stuff from this burgeoning young artist.  Post this on Facebook and re-tweet to all your friends.

Sorry for not posting last week.  I will make it up one week with a double post. If I work 12 hour days this week I may start to climb out the hole I find myself in.

Stereophonics – Indian Summer

Stereophonics are a Welsh rock band that formed in 1992 in the village of Cwmaman in Cynon Valley, Wales.  I have never really listened to the Stereophonics over the years, they are similar to a number of bands that are on the fringe of my awareness.  This song caught my attention.  I have been travelling quite a bit for work lately and this week I will be away for Valentine’s Day.  This song sounds like a classic Journey love song, even his voice is similar sounding.  Travelling can be stressful and when you are stressed you revert back to familiar sounds and patterns.  This song of the week called Indian Summer reminded me of the 80’s.

While the song is about at a break up at the end of summer, there is one line in the song that I will send out to my wife for Valentine’s Day – She Was The One For Me. ♥♥♥

Jimmy Cliff – C’Mon Get Happy

Seeing today, the day I am picking the song of the week is Superbowl Sunday, I thought this song of the week is appropriate as it is being used in a pre game ad by Volkswagen.  Jimmy Cliff one of the great reggae musicians released the song C’Mon Get Happy on January 31, 2013, and it is the song of the week.  It is hard not to get in a good mood when you hear this song.  To see the commercial it was used in pre game click here.  For the ad the day of the Superbowl click here.

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