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Serena Ryder – Stompa

This post makes it two years since I started, that is 104 posts if you are counting.   While some songs come easily, others take hours to find.  I have spent countless hours selecting and posting over the last two years and I would like my subscribers to send me some feedback to let me know if you enjoy marksmusicpicks…posts it in the comment section online at….send me your love!

I thought for the last song of 2012, I would pick a strong Canadian artist.  Serena Ryder released her six album November 27, 2012.  You may know her from a previous hit called Little Bit of Red, which is a good song but her new release Stompa is by far my favourite song she has done and it is the song of the week.

If you are looking for a new, “New Year’s Song (Auld Lang Syne)” have a listen to Hey Rosetta’s “New Year Song“.

P.S. My oldest son Max gave me for Christmas CD’s burned with all the songs that I have posted to date…it brought tears to my eyes.

Happy New Year !!

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Wing$

This week’s pick was introduced to me from my son Steven.  Ben Haggerty  better known ase Macklemore, is an American musician that has been releasing music independently since 2000, and has since gained a significant online fan base. Macklemore released his debut studio album The Heist prodcued by Ryan Lweis on October 9, 2012, which entered at number 1 on the US iTunes download charts and No. 2 on the US Billboard 200 charts.  The first big hit off the album was Thrift Shop, which is a good song but the song off the week is called Wing$…enjoy.  Also check out And We Danced, which is a pretty funny video.

Merry Christmas

Florence + The Machine and Calvin Harris – Spectrum (Say My Name), The Rolling Stones – Doom and Gloom

This weekend I was putting up all our Christmas decorations and when I do this I listen to music.  Two songs that had me dancing while decorating are this week’s picks.  The first is a remix by Florence + the  Machine and Calvin Harris.  The song is Spectrum (Say My Name) and it just makes you want to let loose on the dance floor (and for those that have seen me let loose you know what I mean). Also check out Lover to Lover, Shake it Out and What the Water Gave Me on this album.  I was not overly crazy about this album when it first came out but it has grown on me.

The second song is by a band celebrating 50 years…The Rolling Stones.   The Stones released a new album called GRRR! This album contains mostly old songs but has a couple of new songs and the one that had me dancing Doom and Gloom and is one of the better songs that I have heard from The Stones in years.

Last week I said that I would post some of my Christmas favourites, here are my top five:

1. Band Aid – Do They Know It’s Christmas

2. Pogues – Fairy Tale of New York

3. Bing Crosby & David Bowie – Peace on Earth – Little Drummer Boy

4. Alarm (or John Lennon) – Happy Christmas (War Is Over)

5. Al Green & Annie Lennox – Put A Little Love in Your Heart

BOY – Little Numbers

Sometimes, I think I am on the bleeding edge of music and then I am quickly jerked back into reality.  Take this week’s pick.  The song was just posted on the Canadian iTunes site on December 4, 2012, only one song and it is the first released by this duo. The album which is yet to be released in Canada has already sold over 100,000 copies in Germany, while their irresistible debut single “Little Numbers” (song of the week) boasts over 6 million YouTube views and counting.  They are so new I cannot even find a web site.

BOY is comprised of Valeska Steiner and Sonja Glass (neither of which are boys). Steiner sang in several bands in her native Switzerland before moving to Germany, where Glass grew up, playing the cello in classical orchestras as a child, and later working as a bass player for several pop bands. The duo met when they both participated in a prestigious music workshop in Hamburg.

This one will climb the charts fast and if you were not scanning the German charts like me then this one will be new to you as well.

Next week I will post some Christmas favourites in addition to the song of the week.

Sorry for the late post, Santa has been busy, busy, busy!

Madness – My Girl 2

Madness are one of those quintessential bands of the 80’s.  At university in my first year there was a air band competition during frosh week and our residence put in an entry.  Most other residences were doing the typical rock band but our residence chose the band Madness as the act.  I can still remember our Hall Senior dancing around the stage in his gold pants as he (and other members of the band) pretended to play and sing.  The song they did was Madness and is off the classic “One Step Beyond” album.  We came second overall but were certainly the most original.

On November 13, 2012 Madness released an album named “Oui, Oui, Si Si, Ja Ja, Da Da” and a song off the album caught my attention.  The song is called My Girl 2 and it is the follow up to My Girl from “One Step Beyond” album and it is the song of the week.  If you do not own any Madness songs here are some other songs you should add to your collection…long live Ska.


Baggy Trousers

Our House

Night Boat to Cairo

So Alive

Bread and Breakfast Man

One Step Beyond

Believe Me




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