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Lianne La Havas – Is Your Love Big Enough

This London (England) lady had no choice but to be successful.  Both of her parents are accomplished musicians and she has been writing songs since she was eleven.  While she was young she learned how to play the piano but at eighteen (she is now only 23) she learned how to play the guitar.  I always like finding music that has a different sound and Lianne has a distinct sound.  You can tell she is influenced by her parents’ diverse musical interests.  Thanks to Ted for finding this song and many others…I may have to change the name of the web site to Mark and Ted’s music picks.

This week’s pick is by Lianne La Havas  and the song is Is Your Love Big Enough.


Kodaline – All I Want

The video for this song of the week is a somewhat corny but for some reason it reminded me of my youth.  I have psoriasis and when I was a kid I wore track pants and long shirts (even in the summer) to hide the red spots caused by my genetic disorder.  I was lucky as it just popped up in a few patches over my body and was controlled by the topical cremes I used. In the summer the sun helped remove all traces except the most stubborn patches. However other psoriasis sufferers have it from head to tail and are at times treated like the character in this video. The song of the week is by a Dublin band called Kodaline and this is off their first four song EP released in the UK.  It has not been released on iTunes in North America yet.  Enjoy Kodaline’s song All I Want as the song of the week.

I found this while creeping my son Max’s Facebook page…thanks Kate.

ZZ Ward – Put the Gun Down

If you like Adele you will like ZZ Ward.  Zsuzsanna Eva Ward (better known by her stage name ZZ Ward) is an American singer who released her debut album  Til the Casket Drops on October 16, 2012.  The first release off the album is a song called Put the Gun Down and it is the song of the week.  Have a listen to it and you will think you are listening to a new song from Adele.


Jake Bugg – Lightning Bolt, Two Fingers, Simple As This

I am always leery of new young male performers, I always think great, just what the world of music needs is another Justin Beiber.  I had to laugh as I did not know how to spell Beiber before this post.  So when I started hearing good things about this week’s artist born in 1994 I started wondering if this was the British answer to Beiber.  Well I checked it out and Jack Bugg is the real deal.  His debut album was released on October 15, and on 21 October the song “Two Fingers” charted at 33 in the UK and his album called Crackin reached number 1.

There are three songs off this album that are influenced by his love of Oasis, Bob Dylan and The Beatles.  I will call all three songs, song of the week and beside each song I will put the artist that I think he was influenced by.  This kid has a lot of talent and the album is great…watch this career take off.

Two Fingers – Oasis

Lightning Bolt – Early Beatles but I hear Elvis as well with a country twinge.

Simple As This – Bob Dylan

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