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Churchill – Change

On Saturday evening we had our Halloween party and I dressed up as Elvis and my wife was dressed up as my guitar.  The party ended up at the Raven and Republic and as usual Elvis took to the dance floor and as usual provided some entertainment for the crowd.  As I was leaving the Raven and Republic I think I heard someone say “Elvis has left the building”.  It is nice to know in this crazy world some things never change.  My excursion this past weekend is a great introduction to the song of the week as it too has an old guy dancing (on his roller skates) to a song called “Change” by the band “Churchill” from Denver.  After watching this video I started to wonder if I could dance on roller skates, and then started wondering how much damage I would have done if I had his skates on Saturday night…hmmm I just got an idea for my costume for next year.

Happy Halloween!

Thanks to Ted for sending me this song.

Willy Moon – Yeah Yeah

Unlike the lasts few weeks this week there were many contenders for song of the week.  However one artist caught my attention as his sound is somewhat unique.  Willy Moon is a musician from New Zealand who now lives in London.  If you think you have already heard this song somewhere recently Apple used this song last week for the launch of the new iPhone5.  It is interesting how companies are using new songs and new artists to promote their products.  I guess it is probably a lot less expensive than the $3 million Microsoft paid to the Rolling Stones to use “Start Me Up” in a commercial for the launch of Windows 95.  I am sure by using new artists it is also helping them get discovered.  Enjoy this new discovery and song of the week – Willy Moon – Yeah Yeah.

The Neighbourhood – Female Robbery and Sweater Weather

Over the past month there have been a plethora of new releases by artists that you may have thought were retired. Here are some of the artists I am speaking about:

• ZZ Top – La Futura – September
• Neil Young – Walk Like a Giant – September
• Van Morrison – No Plan B – September
• Kiss – Monster – October
• Rick Springfield – Songs for the End of the World – October

Now I listened to all the artists above trying to find something for song of the week and what I found was more of the same sound (although the song by Neil Young – Walk Like a Giant is good and how can you not like Neil). I think why artists have a hard time with longevity is that their sound gets old. So I searched high and low this week for a new artist and a new sound and this new artist stuck out.

The Neighbourhood is a three member band from California and released and EP in August with five songs. Two songs that stand out are Female Robbery (skip the talking intro in the video) and Sweater Weather and they are the songs of the week. It is funny that an American band spells neighbourhood the British or Canadian way.

Make my job easier, if you have any good songs please send them to me.

Jimmy Preston – Rock the Joint, Big Mama Thornton – Hound Dog, Muddy Waters – You Need Love.

Not a lot of interesting releases the past week so I thought I would take you way back to the beginning of “Rock n Roll”.  They say that “Rock n Roll” was stolen from the blues so this week I thought I would give you three great blues songs that were covered by rock artists, who then became synonymous with the song.

Back in the late forties and early fifties there was an offshoot of blues called Jump Blues, which essentially put the jump into blues.  Jump Blues was the precursor or foundation upon which “Rock n Roll” was born.  Jimmy Preston’s incredibly intense 1949 R&B hit Rock The Joint was covered by Bill Haley and His Comets and later reworked into what we know as Rock Around The Clock.  This was a big hit and the birth of “Rock n Roll”.

Another great blues song was first recorded by a great blues lady called Big Mama Thorton  The song is called Hound Dog and it was later made famous by Elvis (click on the names to hear each version).

Finally, Led Zeppelin covered Muddy Waters You Need Love in the song Whole Lotta Love.  However they only gave credit and paid rights to Muddy Waters after he sued them for copyright infringement and they settled.

Next time you hear a good rock n roll song Google it to see if it is a cover/remake of an original blues song.

Ingrid Michaelson – You and I, Avett Brothers – Murdered in the City, Kat Dennings – Sing Out

Sometimes the simplest song can be great. I have three pick’s for you this week that demonstrate this (yes I said three – do your little happy dance now!). The first came to me from my daughter (Sami). It is a song by the artist Ingrid Michaelson who is a New York, indie folk musician. The song is simple, she is just playing a mandolin and vocals, and drums come in at the end. It is called “You and I”.

The second artist is the Avett Brothers. The band is made up of two brothers, Scott and Seth Avett from North Carolina. This song came to me from Ted and the lyrics I found to be quite unique. The song is recorded with just an acoustic guitar and a singer. This song is called “Murdered in the City”. Also check out “Live and Die” by the Avett Brothers.

Finally the last song is just is by Kat Dennings and is just an electric guitar and vocals. She was part of the cast for the movie “Charlie Bartlett” and sang a cover of Cat Stevens “Sing Out”…enjoy.

Listen to each song a few times and they will grow on you.

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