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The Killers – Runaways

One of my favourite bands that has come onto the music scene since the turn of the century is “The Killers”. The group has released three studio albums, Hot Fuss, Sam’s Town and Day & Age and their latest album called Battle Born is scheduled to be released on September 18, 2012.  They have sold more than 17 million albums worldwide. They released this week’s song of the week called Runaways on July 17 and is the first cut off the upcoming album.  Another great song by the Killers.  Enjoy.

In case you have been living under a rock and have not ever listened to The Killers check out these songs as well.

Mr. Brightside

Somebody Told Me

When You Where Were Young


All These Things That I’ve Done

Fun – Some Nights

Fun released their second album back in February of this year.  Their first release was “We Are Young”and it was the first song to reach number one on the Billboard 100 from an alternative band since Coldplay’s Viva La Vida.  When I listen to this week pick I hear the harmonies of Reo Speedwagon.  I have been hearing this song lately as it is being playing on Italian radio, and so Some Nights is the song of the week and trip.  Skip through the first minute of the video as the song does not start until then.

Fino alla prossima volta

The Lumineers – Hey Ho

I know I said I may not post this week as I am on vacation but I have a few minutes so I thought I would send out this little find. The Lumineers are an American folk rock band from Denver, Colorado. The core band consists of Wesley Schultz on guitar and lead vocals, Jeremiah Fraites on drums and vocals, and Neyla Pekarek on cello, mandolin, piano, and vocals.  Their self-titled debut album was released on April 3, 2012.  The song that has caught my attention is Hey Ho, which is also the first release of the album, and is also the song of the week.  The name is appropriate as they shout Hey and Ho throughout the song which sounds somewhat weird but it works.

Enjoy my amici.

Jack White – Love is Blindness

I have been hearing some buzz lately about Jack White’s  new album.  I did check out it but it really did not grab my attention.  Jack White was previously in a band called White Strips, which wrote the song Seven Nation Army which I do like.  My nephew (thanks Josh) sent me this song which I forwarded to my email home address and left it in the inbox to check it out next time I was looking for a song of the week.  Well that computer crashed and I just got it back.  I did give it a listen upon first getting the email but I forgot about it until he mentioned this weekend at a family event.  I checked it out again and it is a great cover of U2’s Love is Blindness and is the song of the week.

Check out the original version by U2 here.

Sorry for missing this post today but I am in hurry up mode as I am heading on holidays starting Wednesday for the next two weeks.  I may not have time (or internet access) to post during my vacation.  I will make up for lost time upon my return…Arrivedercci.

Rush – The Garden

Rush is the quintessential Canadian band and a good choice for song of the week, this Canada Day weekend. On June 8, they released a new album called Clockwork Angels.  If you are like me you were probably into Rush in their early years and then drifted away from them in their later years.  I have not really listened to many new Rush albums but this song caught my attention.  This new album has songs that have the vintage rush sound but the song of the week is a different sound for Rush .  Have a listen and enjoy the song “The Garden” as the song of the week.

Enjoy what is left of your long weekend !!!

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