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Subways – We Don’t Need Money to Have a Good Time

This week’s picks also comes from my son Max.  I knew of this band but I was not aware of this song off their latest album called “Money and Celebrity”.  The Subways are an English indie band and that have released three albums to date.  You may have heard of two earlier songs from them called “Rock & Roll Queen” or “Oh Yeah”.  This week’s song is called “We Don’t Need Money to Have a Good Time” and goes out to the mighty A&W Orangeman (Hockey Team).

Boy & Bear – Blood to Gold

This week pick of the week comes to me from my son Max.  Boy & Bear are an indie rock band from Sydney, Australia.  Formed in 2009, Boy & Bear originally began as a solo project for Dave Hosking. Jake Tarasenko joined and then they expanded with Killian Gavin and Tim Hart, all members being singer / songwriters.  All the members originally fronted their own groups, and became friends after sharing the stage on many occasions.  There latest album released in August 2011 and has received much attention, it is called Moonfire.  Boy & Bear received 7 nominations in the 2011 ARIA Awards (Australian Recording Industry Association). They won five ARIAs.

My the song of the week is not on the last album and is hard to find on Canadian itunes but probably will be there soon.  Enjoy the song of the week Blood to Gold.

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Cosmo Jarvis – Gay Pirates

I know everyone that is a member of does not have a song in their repertoire about Gay Pirates, well now you do.  Harrison Cosmo Krikoryan Jarvis (born September 1, 1989), better known by his stage name Cosmo Jarvis, is an English singer-songwriter and filmmaker. He was born in New Jersey but moved to the UK in his childhood.  The first single released from his second album “Is the World Strange or Am I Strange” is “Gay Pirates“, which was released on January 23, 2011 and it is the song of the week.  It is a catchy and humorous song of the week…enjoy.

He has quite the range of songs on this album but all the videos are humorous and the songs are good.  Check them out.

Sure as Hell Not Jesus

She Doesn’t Mind

My Day

She’s Got You

Jeffrey Gaines – In Your Eyes

A number of years ago my friend Ted sent me this great acoustic remake of Peter Gabriel’s song “In Your Eyes”.   When he sent it to me he said it was done by Edwin McCain.  For years I thought this was the case but I was incorrect along with a lot of other people.  Jeffrey Gaines is the artist that performed the song, however so many other people thought it was Edwin McCain that they started requesting it at his concerts, so much so that he learned to play it and it is now part of his repertoire.

Here is the Jeffrey Gaines version…song of the week…In Your Eyes

Here is the original from Peter Gabriel…In Your Eyes

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