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Van Morrison – Ain’t Nothing You Can Do

I scoured the world for new releases this past week and I did not find anything interesting.  When this happens I try to find a few gems from days gone by that you may not have heard.  When I started to think about this week’s post I instantly thought about Van Morrison.  I know most of you know Van Morrison but I bet many of you do not have the album called “It’s Too Late to Stop Now”.  This is one of the all time best live albums and a favourite of mine.  You cannot buy this album on iTunes, you need to buy the CD (Amazon sells it).  If you are thinking of what to buy that someone special for Christmas this album will make a great addition to any collection.

One of my favourite cuts off the album is Ain’t Nothing You Can Do and it is the song of the week.

Other favourites (beside the entire album) are:

These Dreams of You


Saint Dominic’s Preview

Here Comes the Night

Vandals – Oi to the World

I know many of you are eagerly anticipating the coming Holiday Season and will be looking for some new Holiday tunes.  One of my favourite songs at this time of the year is from a band called The Vandals.  The Vandals are an American punk band established in 1980 in Huntington Beach, California. They have released ten full-length studio albums and two live albums.  They are well-known for their use of humor and you can hear it in their songs.

The song of the week is “Oi to the World”.  Play this song really loud over and over when you want to encourage house guests to leave.

The Killers – Ultraviolet (Light My Way)

Today I am in Las Vegas so I thought I would find a band from Las Vegas for this week’s post.  U2 released a 20th anniversary edition of Achtung Baby on October 31, 2011.  This album is up there on my all time favourite lists.  So what does Las Vegas and U2 have in common…The Killers.  The Killers are from Las Vegas. The Killers are featured in Q Magazine¹s upcoming tribute album to U2’s landmark album Achtung Baby.  The Killers are covering Ultraviolet (Light My Way) and it is the song of the week.

Down With Webster – Big Wheels

Down with Webster, or DWW, is a 6-man Canadian rap rock band from The Beaches area of Toronto, Ontario who signed with Universal Motown in April 2009 and released their first album in the same year.  Down With Webster was originally formed for Glen Ames Senior Public school battle of the bands show in 1998. On Halloween they released their second album Time to Win Volume II. One of the releases from the new album is Big Wheels and it is the song of the week.

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