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Hey Rosetta – Yer Fall

You may have heard of Hey Rosetta, or you may of heard of the song Red Heart but if you have heard of neither you soon will.  Hey Rosetta released a new album called Seeds and it is quite good, good enough I imagine that they will be nominated for a Juno in 2011.  The song of the week is a hard one to find on the internet as it is so new and the best I could find is someone who taped a show at the winter games in Halifax.  Not a great recording so take my word and go buy the song.  This is one of those songs that you need to listen to a few times before it grows on you.  It is not the release off the album (Yer Spring) but is a great song.  The song of the week is Yer Fall and to get a free listen click on the link and go to 5:50 in the video and give a listen or spend the $0.99 and buy it off iTunes.  Buy it listen to a few times and you will not be disappointed.

Other good songs off the album include:

Yer Spring


Young Glass



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Flogging Molly – If I Ever Leave This World Alive

Founded in Los Angeles in 1997 by the Irish expatriate Dave King, Flogging Molly got its start (and its name) from a local Hollywood bar called Molly Malone’s where they performed in the early days.  Flogging Molly is a combination of punk meeting traditional Celtic music.  I would love to see their live show. I have seen some bands covering their songs at the Nine Fine Irishmen Pub in Vegas but would enjoy seeing the real thing.  The song of the week is from their album Drunken Lullabies.  “If I Ever Leave This World Alive” is a song I want played at my Irish Wake to my drunken dancing friends (even if they are 90) – and that is it why it is song of the week.

Also check out:


Drunken Lullabies

Requiem For A Dying Song

What’s Left Of the Flag

Devil’s Dance Floor

Or check out their new release – Don’t Shut ‘Em Down

John Mayer – Free Falling

I have a rule about cover songs, they do not make it onto my iPod unless they are better or just as good as the original song.  This is the case of this week’s song of the week.  I have always been a fan of Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, right back to the days of Damn the Torpedoes.  This week’s song is an acoustic version of Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers’ “Free Falling” by John Mayer.  John Mayer has a number of other good songs  (see below) but this cover is my favourite.  Crank it up and enjoy.  Also check out the live version of “Learning to Fly” by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers…I downloaded it off the Live Anthology album…it will put a smile on your face when the crowd starts singing.

Waiting on the World to Change

Your Body is a Wonderland



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Mumford & Sons – Little Lion Man

I thought before the Grammy’s take place on February 13, 2011 I should tell you a little bit about Mumford & Sons.  They are up for two Grammy awards, Best New Artist and Best Rock Song.  I don’t usually like the Grammy’s as money usually over trumps talent but in the case of new artist category this year there are two good choices, Mumford & Sons and Florence and the Machine.  I think Florence and the Machine should win but Mumford & Sons are a close second.

Mumford & Sons have a sound similar to Great Big Sea. Their first  album is called Sigh No More.  I look forward to many more albums from these guys.  Little Lion Men is the cut off the album that has been nominated for “Best Rock Song” and is the song of the week.

Other songs I like off the album include:

Sigh No More

The Cave

Roll Away Your Stone

Dust Bowl Dance

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